fractal tattoo sleeveMajestic Tattoo NYC is an all-custom tattoo studio owned and operated by veteran tattoo artist Adal. Majestic is located at 1086 Broadway in Brooklyn, in the intersection of Bushwick and Bed-Stuy. Adal specializes in large-scale, all color tattoo artwork. He has significant experience creating all custom tattoo artwork in a variety of styles, including all color, painterly, fractal and psychedelic, modern art, abstract, black and grey, biomechanical, white ink, geometric tattoos and more. He is also renowned for his complex tattoo cover ups.

Majestic is the art tattoo studio of Adal Ray. All images on the site were designed by Adal. Please be certain it is Adal’s custom expession you are interested in. There is generally a wait time of at least 4-5 weeks for new tattoo appointments. We do our best to accommodate all inquiries but can no longer accept walk-ins due to Adal’s busy schedule. Furthermore, we strongly recommend that clients review Adal’s tattoo portfolio prior to contacting us to ensure that their desired tattoo is in line with Adal’s specific artistic style and include examples from the portfolio that express the desired style of the tattoo project. Adal may refer clients to other artists if he feels that there is a better artist to execute their tattoo idea. Also, Majestic does not offer piercings.