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An All Custom Brooklyn Tattoo Studio

After 2 successful years in Manhattan, located in the border of Tribeca and Chinatown), Majestic Tattoo NYC was forced to relocate to Brooklyn, a common story for many small businesses in NYC, especially those involved in art and culture. However, we are as happy as ever at our new Brooklyn home – 1086 Broadway, on […]

Frequently Asked Questions at Majestic Tattoo NYC

How much does it cost to get tattooed? While the actual price of your tattoo work will depend on a variety of factors, we maintain a $50 minimum for very small or minimal tattoos. We are offer some of the most reasonable rates in New York City for the quality of tattoo artwork provided at […]

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Majestic Tattoo NYC - An All Custom Tattoo Studio in NYC

Majestic Tattoo NYC is a one-man tattoo studio run by veteran tattoo artist Adal, who has over 19 years of experience tattooing throughout Chicago, Austin, and New York City. Majestic focuses on all custom, artistic tattoo work that is uniquely drawn for each client. Majestic specializes in full tattoo sleeves, cover up tattoos, fractal and psychedelic artwork, painterly and artistic designs, full color tattoos, black and grey tattoos, white tattoos, and much more.

Best Tattoo Shop in New York City for Modern, Custom Tattoo