Alice in Wonderland Tattoo – A Full Backpiece

Originally a cover up of text – now an Alice in Wonderland backpiece.

2014 Holiday Gift Certificates at Majestic Tattoo NYC

What better gift to give your loved ones this holiday season than a high quality, artistic tattoo by Adal? It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving! Buy a small ($50-$100), medium ($100-$300), or large ($300+) tattoo for a friend this holiday season. Our gift certificates never expire. Please contact if you have any questions […]

Adal Announces a New Series of Artwork, ‘Abstracted Hands 2014′

As some of you may already know, Adal experienced a bike accident on a rental bicycle during his trip to Detroit for the Movement electronic music festival. Upon returning to New York, Adal consulted top orthopedic surgeons, as his hands are the primary source of his artistic live pursuit. He was told that he had […]

An Update to the Relocating of Majestic Tattoo

Due to many unforseen issues with Manhattan real estate and landlords, we have unfortunately been pushed out of our 67 Franklin Street location for reasons outside of our control. Until we find the perfect new space for Majestic, Adal is operating all consultations and appointments out of a private location in Brooklyn, just 15 minutes […]


ATTENTION ALL FRIENDS OF MAJESTIC: As you all know, we have been planning our move to a bigger, better, new location. We were hoping for a smooth transition, however, as it turns out, we had to unexpectedly vacate our Franklin Street location a couple months before the new spot will be ready for you guys. […]

Mudd Club

Everyone who was anyone got their start from somewhere. The Mudd Club was a major influence upon many of the 80’s art, fashion, and music figures. It opened in 1978, located on the corner of White Street and Cortlandt Alley and named after doctor Samuel Mudd, infamous for helping John Wilkes Booth after shooting President […]

Tattoo Styles

The art of tattooing has been around for tens of thousands of years, and it can be found as a component of nearly all cultures throughout time. This ancient past as well as the continuous uprise in the popularity of tattoos over the past century has brought about many different tattooing styles that we see […]

Majestic Mobile Site

This week Majestic launches our mobile site!  As smartphone users grow so must websites. With a new, streamlined interface and easily accessible links, visitors can easily navigate and experience Majestic Tattoo on-the-go.

Seeking Tattoo Artists

Majestic Tattoo NYC is ready to expand. Are you an experienced tattoo artist with similar style and portfolio as Adal, or a style that you feel would complement the artwork done at Majestic Tattoo NYC? We would love to hear from you. We will consider local and out-of-state applicants, if you are looking to relocate […]

Summer at Majestic Tattoo NYC 2013 – Decypul’s Return

Here’s a little bit of what Adal has gotten into this summer… thanks to Arjuna Watson, also known as Decypul, for the awesome photos:

Alex Grey & MC Escher Combination Hands Tattoo

Yesterday, Adal was thrilled to have the opportunity to draw and execute a very meaningful custom tattoo as specifically requested by a client: a combination of MC Escher’s Drawing Hands as well as Alex Grey’s Artist’s Hand. Here is the final tattoo result: Here are the two artworks, for reference: Furthermore, Adal has been heavily […]

Norman Reedus Stops by Majestic

Most people have heard of the critically acclaimed AMC hit TV show The Walking Dead. Those of us who you could consider addicted are familiar with Daryl Dixon, played by actor Norman Reedus (also known for his role as Murphy MacManus in The Boondock Saints). Majestic Tattoo got a surprising passerby last week when Norman […]

Pink Elephant Tattoo

Check out the long awaited finish to this awesome new tattoo from the shop. We love when our customers bring us ideas for colorful and vibrant tattoos such as this one!

How to Come Up With A Unique Tattoo Idea

Choosing your tattoo… How to discover new tattoo ideas You know when it’s time for new ink, but sometimes choosing an idea to go with can be the hardest part of the process. Here at Majestic, we get a lot of clients asking our advice on what they should get tattooed. We believe that a […]

How to Tell if a Tattoo Shop is Clean? A Helpful Guide

What makes a clean and safe tattoo studio? Here at Majestic Tattoo – we are 100% certified by the New York City Department of Health, and maintain a high standard of cleanliness and safety at the studio. But what exactly makes a clean tattoo shop? Whether you are getting tattooed at Majestic Tattoo NYC, or […]

How to Keep Your Tattoos Vibrant and Safe During the Summer

Did you just get that special tattoo that you’ve always wanted? It looks great now, but how can you keep it bright and bold for many years to come? While some fading over time is natural and to be expected, one of the saddest things ever is premature fading of beautiful work due to neglect […]

Great Gatsby Tattoo

In light of the upcoming movie being released this weekend, check out Adal’s Great Gatsby book cover themed tattoo. The book’s original cover piece was done by artist Francis Cugot.

Keith Haring Tattoo

Keith Haring was a street artist and social activist primarily during the 1980s whose work centered around expressing concepts of birth, death, sex and war. He has inspired many artists and has even been a huge influence to Adal when he met Keith Haring in 1989 which you can read more about here.

Recent Tattoos from Majestic

Majestic is stepping into spring and with the sun finally shining again it is about that time of year you can shed your winter coats. Check out some of the tattoos recently done at Majestic and contact us for an appointment at (212)431-3323 or

Mandala Tattoos

Check out this mandala tattoo recently done at Majestic. Mandalas have a huge spiritual and ritual significance in Hinduism and Buddhism. Though Hindi word in nature mandalas are often used in many tibetan and Asian religions. The basic form of most mandalas is a square with four gates containing a circle with a center point […]

Adidas Unite All Originals NYC Popup

Adidas is pairing up with up and coming Harlem R&B artist Teyana Taylor (who was recently signed to Kayne West’s G.O.O.D. Music record label) for a pop up store celebrating their new line “Originals” right around the corner from Majestic Tattoo this weekend from March 15th through March 17th on the corner of Broadway & […]

Milky Way Wrist Tattoo

Check out this milky way wrist tattoo recently done at Majestic –

How to Make Your Tattoo Last a Lifetime

When getting a tattoo some of the first thoughts and questions are usually along the line of how will this look when I’m older? What if I gain weight or get pregnant? Black or Color? Tattoos and Aging Face it, we are all going to be old one day. A lot of people are scared […]

Video Special – Adal Tattooing in the Bahamas

[youtube][/youtube] Brought to you by the highly talented AJ Arjuna Watson, also known as DECYPUL.

2013 Majestic Tattoo NYC Student Discount

2013 has arrived! You survived Sandy, the 2012 Mayan apocalypse, a blizzard, and what better way to celebrate the new year and new you than with a tattoo? Majestic Tattoo is still offering a student discount to anyone who attends a New York City school. Including but not exclusive to NYU (New York University), Columbia […]

Tattoo Rendition of “The Arrival” by C.R.W. Nevinson

Sleeve done 1/25/2013 at Majestic! Thanks to Magne! This piece was done in just 7 hours over the course of a single day.

Where Should You Get Your Tattoo?

Before getting tattooed, it’s important to consider how the areas of the body behave during and after the tattoo process. Some body parts hurt more, take ink differently, are more difficult to cover for work, or wear away faster than other parts. We’ve compiled a list of commonly tattooed areas of the body and important […]

Tattoos Done Recently at Majestic

Happy belated New Year to all! We’re back in the studio and looking forward to a busy year and plenty of new designs in 2013. Make fresh ink your greatest New Year’s resolution yet and contact us for an appointment at (212)431-3323 or In the mean time, check out some recent tattoo work done […]

New York Script Tattoo

Still fresh, still swollen, sorta bloody… but check out this New York script tattoo recently done at Majestic:

Know Your Neighborhood: Things to Do and See Around Majestic NYC

Visiting New York City for the first time and wondering where you can find things to do that aren’t your typical tourist traps? Or if you’re a local and just looking for new destinations to explore off the beaten path? The crossroads of NYC’s Tribeca, Soho and Chinatown neighborhoods often aren’t considered hotspots of activity, […]

Keith Haring Signed Leather Jacket Coming to Auction This Week

For inquiries about the jacket or to make an offer, please contact us. In 1989, Keith Haring visited Chicago to do a series of murals under the project name “Keith Haring at the Pinnacle.” One of the murals was done with Chicago public high school art students and two of the murals were done at […]

Ink Master, Tattoo Nightmares and More

Tattoo reality shows have been around for a while now and have helped bring an oversimplified, commercialized version of tattoo culture into the mainstream. Some of these shows have been better than others – the information they provide varies in accuracy and the quality of the tattoo work done on these shows is at times […]

It’s the Season of Giving

The holidays are here and we all know what that means: Christmas shopping. Why go out and spend hours though rummaging through department stores in attempt to find gifts that you’re not even 100% sure they will love? Well this holiday season Majestic can help you avoid all the trouble. Majestic is now offering gift […]

How-To Tattoo Videos

We’ve recently come across a few videos on youtube that claim they can teach you how to tattoo. THIS IS NONSENSE! While youtube is a useful learning supplement for plenty of things, tattooing is just not one of them. TV shows that streamline the process of tattooing are bad enough, making it seem like every […]

Banksy Tattoo – Keith Haring Dog

A Banksy tattoo of Banksy walking the Keith Haring dog. (Scroll down to see original piece.) View the entire tattoo gallery at Majestic Tattoo NYC.

Dia de Los Muertos Tattoos

Like Dia de los Muertos tattoo designs? The most detailed of these tattoos are actually inspired by sugar skulls, which are intricately decorated pieces of candy served to children on this traditional Mexican holiday. Check out these sugar skull tattoos and Day of the Dead tattoos recently inked by Adal at Majestic:      

Looking for a Tattoo Shop in New Jersey? Majestic Tattoo NYC is Right Around the Corner

If you’re from New Jersey and thinking about getting a tattoo, consider taking the Holland Tunnel or nearest PATH train to NYC to Majestic Tattoo NYC – one of the closest NYC tattoo shops to New Jersey. Majestic offers awesome, all custom tattoos, and Adal is willing to work with you to come up with […]

Back in Business!

We have power, once again! Luckily, Hurricane Sandy left Majestic in one piece. Our thoughts go out to those who were affected by this storm. If you would like to schedule (or reschedule!) an appointment give us a call – (212) 431-3323! We are open today and will be open the whole week.

Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Hey all. The Majestic studio has survived Sandy – but we are still without power. If you would like to get tattooed tomorrow or this weekend, I will travel to you if you have a place with power and good lighting! Give me a call to set something up. (212) 431-3323.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Tattooed by Adal

It’s well known that the prices and quality of a tattoo can vary. It seems to be, in 2012, that the average rate across America is $150 an hour with custom work from more popular, more talented artists fetching as much as $250 an hour, if not more. It’s hard to believe in today’s economy […]

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