Tattoos by Milene Lichtwarck

Milene Lichtwarck studied Fine Arts in Mayence, Germany for seven years and graduated with honors in 2016. During her studies she found an interest in skin as a canvas and simultaneously absolved an apprenticeship with german tattoo artists Astrid Koepfler and Inga Markwardt at Drauf und Dran Tattoos in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. She worked with Juano San at the Gentle Cat Tattoo Atelier and out of her home in Frankfurt, developing her own style in tattooing, that is greatly influenced by graphic and print art.  All of her designs are either custom made or pieces of unique flash sheets. She puts a strong emphasis on individually created tattoos and is interested in transforming absurd and abstract as well as specific ideas into beautifully detailed linework.

Milene started working at Majestic Tattoo NYC in September 2017.


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