Deposits, Consultations, Appointments, & Cancellations

Deposit Policy

Our time is very valuable, please note that when we schedule you an appointment, if you cancel at the last minute, it can be difficult for us to fill your appointment time. Please respect your commitment. Majestic Tattoo requires a deposit on all tattoos that will take over an hour to complete. The deposit is a minimum of $50  and will come out of the overall price of your tattoo. If Adal is designing a custom project which requires significant drawing time, we require a deposit of $100. In order to secure your time, please bring a cash deposit at the time of your consultation.This deposit can also be sent online in advance here.

Appointment Policy

Please call or email to schedule an appointment ahead of time. It is important to eat food and drink water before your appointment. Please don’t consume drugs or alcohol. The pain is perfectly tolerable however some clients choose to use an ice pack on the area they are going to have tattooed or take an aspirin before their appointment to ease the pain. Here are directions to the studio.

Consultation Policy

For larger or highly detailed tattoos Adal urges clients to set consultations prior to being tattooed in order to discuss ideas and placement, go over images, and possibly to begin drawing sketches for your personalized tattoo. These appointments usually take about 30 minutes and if you agree on a drawing or ideas Adal will request that you leave a minimum of $50 deposit which will come out of the overall price of the tattoo. Your deposit goes towards drawing time and secures the appointment date.

Cancellation Policy

If you choose to cancel or change your appointment time please call or email at least 2 days in advance and if a complete cancellation does occur after that time period please take into account that your deposit is not refundable. Our schedule is very tight, so please be courteous to others who have appointments by showing up on time at your allotted time. Also please keep in mind that the nature of tattooing is such that it is impossible to accurately project how long each project will take, so please give yourself ample time to have your tattoo done.