June 19, 2014

Adal Announces a New Series of Artwork, ‘Abstracted Hands 2014’

20140618_033801 As some of you may already know, Adal experienced a bike accident on a rental bicycle during his trip to Detroit for the Movement electronic music festival. Upon returning to New York, Adal consulted top orthopedic surgeons, as his hands are the primary source of his artistic live pursuit. He was told that he had broken his fifth metacarpal and on Friday, June 13, he had his first ever surgery in which bone-realigning pins were inserted into his hand. Unable to tattoo during a recovery period of four weeks, he is attempting to allot his time and energy into expressing artistic visions he’s held inside since demand for his tattoo artworks has filled his schedule.

The Abstracted Hands 2014 series is his expression of those ideals Adal has harbored: the abstract vision and the story of the art world. Your interest in this series at this time would be really beneficial to us, as Adal’s self-employed status combined with his post-surgical rehabilitation have had an unexpected, negative financial impact. As opposed to pleading for assistance, Adal has taken the time to create these prints and offer them to those within our social circles.

Please take the time to view these works. To purchase a limited edition print, as these will be limited to 100 items on a variety of five archival paper types, please use the Paypal button below or email us.

If you are interested in a particular number print of this edition (for example, your favorite number), please feel free to contact us. Inquiries received will be given priority based on the date on which they are received.

Abstracted Hands Art Print by Adal at Majestic

Please contact adal@majestictattoonyc.com or use Paypal to purchase a print using the button below.

Adal Abstracted Hand Series 2014

Example of a test print with white background placed within a simple frame found at a thrift store

July 4 Update: More colors available!

July 4 Update: More colors available!

Price: $50 each
Edition: 100 total prints
Print area: 4″ x 6″
Handmade paper varies due to handmade qualities, the edition varies between 5″ x 7″ and 8″ x 10″ (this means that they will all fit nicely into standard frames that you already have around the house)
Contact us if you wish to have the print framed

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