Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get tattooed?

While the actual price of your tattoo work will depend on a variety of factors, we maintain a $75 minimum for very small or minimal tattoos. We are offer some of the most reasonable rates in New York City for the quality of tattoo artwork provided at Majestic. The standard rates in New York City range between $150 and $300 per hour, with some of the most recognized artists asking a rate of at least $300 an hour. At Majestic Tattoo NYC, Adal believes that tattoo art should be affordable for all people, and he is therefore willing to work with the client to come up with a price that is reasonable for them. For specific pricing inquiries, please email Adal with a description of your tattoo idea including size and detail, and include pictures, if possible.

I’m afraid of needles – Do tattoos hurt? Are you certified?

We are 100% certified by the New York City Department of Health to tattoo our clients. Adal has over 22 years of experience in the tattoo industry and a history of satisfied clients who have never cited any significant skin irritation or health problems after getting tattooed. As far as pain goes, the process itself can be mildly painful depending on the tattoo itself, its location on the body, and your threshold for pain. Adal describes the sensation as “warm and stingy,” but most people are happy to endure it for the finished product. With that being said, we are always careful to make sure the client is comfortable and work as efficiently as necessary to accommodate for any discomfort on the part of the client.

How do I take care of my new tattoo?

Please visit our tattoo aftercare page for information on how to take care of a new tattoo.

I’m underage, can I still get a tattoo?

Unfortunately, no. We only offer tattoos to adults above 18 years of age, as per New York State law. We do not make exceptions for minors with parental consent.

Do you guys do piercings too?

No, we only offer tattoos. But please call the studio and we will be happy to refer you to qualified professionals in the area.

Do you accept credit cards?

We are currently cash-only but we can accept card payments via Paypal.

Are walk-ins accepted?

We would love to accommodate walk-ins and can do so occasionally, but we schedule all appointments in advance, so it is recommended to call ahead ( (212) 431-3323 ) before visiting if you would like to come in on a walk-in basis. Learn more about Visiting the Studio.

Can you do tattoo cover-ups?

Absolutely. One of Adal’s specialities is aggressive tattoo cover-up work. He has successfully covered up even professionally done tattoos. Please visit the Tattoo Cover Up Page to view before and after pictures.

Can you do white tattoos / inner lip tattoos / blacklight tattoos / henna tattoos?

Adal has done many white tattoos throughout his career and is happy to provide white tattoos. The same goes for inner lip tattoos providing they are small and not very detailed (short ~4 letter words are ok). Adal does not do blacklight tattoos as the ink has not been proven to be entirely safe for human skin. He also does not do henna or temporary tattoos.

Can you tattoo over scars or stretch marks? Do you offer mastectomy tattoos?

Adal has experience tattooing over scars and stretch marks. Generally if a scar is 5 years old or more and has no nerve damage, it is possible to work with. The surface of the scar sometimes can dictate what can or can’t be tattooed over it. For example: a tattoo with a lot of straight lines, like a dreamcatcher, may not be possible directly over a scar with an uneven surface or texture. Most stretch marks are ok to tattoo over, but it depends on the severity of the marks. If you are inquiring about getting a tattoo over stretch marks or a scarred area, please email Adal at least 2 clear photos with different angles and lighting of the area in question along with the other inspirational images for your tattoo design and we will get back to you. Adal does offer mastectomy tattoos.

Can you do a tattoo that will lighten / darken my skin color?

No, this practice does not tend to work as well as one would think; it would be more effective to explore your options with a dermatologist.