August 28, 2012


Fractal Tattoo Artwork

Full sleeve color fractal tattoo sleeveColor Fractal Arm Tattoocolor fractal spiral pattern shoulder tattoo by Adal

Fractals – visual patterns based on naturally occurring mathematical alogrithms. The self-replicating forms can be found on earth as in space, squinted at under a microscope as through a telescope. And they’re beautiful.

Adal has been creating fractals, on canvas, paper, and skin, since he started making art. For him, the pull lies in the process: of translating perpetual movement into static visuals, and of translating nature into art. At the end, these organic forms find their perfect state on the human body, an organic alliance of the natural and the superficial, and a way of creating anatomically fit tattoos. And they’re beautiful.

custom color ambient spiral sleeve tattoofull shoulder chest blue fractal octopus tattoo