How-To Tattoo Videos

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We’ve recently come across a few videos on youtube that claim they can teach you how to tattoo. THIS IS NONSENSE! While youtube is a useful learning supplement for plenty of things, tattooing is just not one of them.

TV shows that streamline the process of tattooing are bad enough, making it seem like every tattoo takes half an hour, and that pain is not a factor, but these videos on youtube take it to a new level of misguidance, and are frankly an insult to the tattooers that spend years learning, refining, and perfecting their craft.

Anyone who has put in time and research to learn to tattoo and isn’t jumping the gun (literally) can see that these videos present questionable techniques. They hardly mention sterilization, and none of them discuss hand techniques, machine speeds, needles, thicknesses, textures, or different skin types. Further, in most of these videos, the camera is at an angle that prevents viewers from actually seeing what the artist is doing, or isn’t zoomed in enough to get a decent view. In addition, music is blasting in the background, making any instructions difficult or impossible to hear. Many of these videos link to sites that sell generic, prefabricated tattoo designs, and the videos are not made by tattoo experts. Some youtube users who’s videos you should watch out for are stopYOURdumshyt, ehow, fantasticvoyage, and aguieincali. Each of these users present oversimplified, poorly framed videos that will not actually help to improve your tattoo skills.

See how not to tattoo:

On the other hand, there are some awesome videos on youtube that serve as trailers and link to professionally done full-length dvds that anyone can order. Yes, these videos aren’t free, but then again, who doesn’t pay for their education? In fact, anyone who cares about their education would take this route. If something is going to lead to a lifelong career, it’s only logical that you’d make that money back soon after.

Some valid tattoo video sources include Joe Capobanco’s video from GetNow TATTOO, Vicroe Portugal, and Guy Aitchison. All of these artists have informational videos and trailers on youtube that mention things to consider when tattooing, or places to visit to learn more. None of these artists claim to have the ability to teach all of tattooing in a short online video. In fact, Guy Aitchison, an authority on instructional tattoo dvds by world renowned artists hosts webinars for tattoo artists. If you want an online youtube-like experience, he hosts these seminars and also has DVDs available to order at his website,

This is how you should go about learning to tattoo: