July 12, 2012

Works in Progress


Can’t wait to finish this lily sleeve.

work in progress orchid sleeve arm tattoo by adalorchid arm sleeve in progress by majestic


Really excited about this experiment with organic fractal forms!

organic fractal experiment arm tattoo on shoulder by Adal


hamsa hand all seeing eye owl color sleeve by Majestic Tattoo NYCfull color hamsa hand owl sleeve tattoo by Adal

Just added color to this sleeve!

latin text wing chest tattoo by Adal at Majestic


Round one of two on this condor wing chest tattoo. While a lot of tattoos can be completed in one session, it’s not uncommon to hold multiple sessions during which details can be refined.


fire flames arm sleeve tattoo by Adal


We covered a lot of space on this guy’s sleeve during the first session; next session we’ll focus on shading and line detail.