December 10, 2012

Keith Haring Signed Leather Jacket Coming to Auction This Week

For inquiries about the jacket or to make an offer, please contact us.

In 1989, Keith Haring visited Chicago to do a series of murals under the project name “Keith Haring at the Pinnacle.” One of the murals was done with Chicago public high school art students and two of the murals were done at Rush-Presbyterian Hospital.

Keith Haring and Adal Hernandez in 1989

1989 - Keith Haring with Adal, wearing the leather jacket

All three murals were covered by PBS in a documentary with the same name as the project name. Adal was 16 years old at the time and was fortunate enough to meet Keith Haring and be his assistant on the two murals at the hospital. In fact, Adal essentially became Keith’s “art intern” for the weekend, helping to run errands for Keith and be his right-hand-man during the painting process. While Adal was working for him, Keith Haring drew on and signed the back of his leather jacket. Kwong Chi, Keith’s photographer, also signed the sleeve of the jacket.

Here are two other images from the event, “Keith Haring at the Pinnacle:”

Keith Haring signing children's shirts at the Pinnacle 1989
Keith Haring at the Pinnacle, Chicago 1989

Here is the Keith Haring autographed leather jacket that will be going on sale this Thursday:

Leather jacket with Keith Haring's drawing and signature

Keith Haring drew his signature snake on this leather jacket in 1989

Keith Haring autographed signed leather jacket from 1989, Kwong Chi signature on sleeve

Keith's Photographer, Kwong Chi, also signed the jacket on the sleeve